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Why are we reaching out?


     The property that Veterans Base Camp (VBC) is located on is going to be put on the market.  We currently have the opportunity to purchase the 45-acre property before it is put on the market.  If we do not purchase the property, this program that has been quietly  providing support to homeless veterans  will have to either close or find an alternative location where we can provide these services to continue to support to our veterans.  We started our transitional housing program in 2019.  Less than four months later, we, along with the rest of the world, found ourselves in a world-wide pandemic.  While the pandemic hurt our ability to apply for funding and grants (most corporate grants were diverted to COVID relief efforts), we continued to grow.   We currently are housing nine veterans, we have been providing food and support for 180 veterans and their families, have delivered food to 19 veterans who were homebound due to medical conditions during the height of COVID.  We deliver care packages to 30+ veterans who are in nearby nursing homes so they know they have not been forgotten We also provide toys and clothing at Christmas for children of veterans.  VBC provides volunteer opportunities to veterans who want to help their brother and sister veterans, provides internships to area college students, provides opportunities for volunteering and Capstone projects for local high school students and so much more.

What do we need?

We are seeking to raise money to purchase this $600,000 facility.  One-hundred percent of the money raised will go to that goal.  VBC is a 100% volunteer organization.  We have a volunteer licensed clinical social worker as the full-time executive  director and a retired 26-year veteran who is also a retired drug and alcohol counselor, at VBC.  No one at VBC is paid.  This 3.5 year project has been a work of the heart and of honoring those who have served our country so faithfully.  We have until the first week in April to raise the funds, otherwise our veterans will have to find other places to live.  VBC is unique.  There are no other programs similar to it in the state that offers what VBC offers:  housing, gardening, animal care, outreach, opportunities to find your passion, peer support  on-site by those who have walked similar paths. 

Attached is the link to our VBC video, made by one of the veterans who went through our program.  He always wanted to create videos, and as part of our strength-based, "find your passion" approach at VBC, this was his first video.  The vets say it best!

Below are the links to the Channel 3 and Channel 8's stories on Veterans Base Camp

Channel 3:

Channel 8:

Our servicemen and women deserve our help.  It was a promise our country made:  You fight for your country, and we will take care of you, your widows and your children.  Please help us to continue to keep that promise to support our veterans and their families.   Donations can be made by: checks made out to: Veterans Base Camp and mailed to:  Veterans Base Camp 108 England Road, Chaplin CT 06235. or through the  link on this website under the "Donate" tab. If you have any questions, you can contact Cindy Archibald at : (860)786-7163, or email:  Thank you for your support. 


Cindy Archibald, LCSW

Executive Director

Veterans Base Camp

Links To The Latest News On:

Agent Orange:

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VA News:

CT Legislative Committee on Veterans Affairs: ›legislation

Senate Veterans Affairs:

House Veterans Affairs:

Keep up to date on the latest legislation and news.  If you know of other good sites for news that affects veterans or first responders, please don't hesitate to contact us and share! 


Hear Lexi Smardon 's interview on WILI about her upcoming 5K at Veterans Base Camp on Sunday, 10/24/21. Sign-up starts at 8:30 a.m. The race starts at 9:30 a.m. and benefits Veterans Base Camp and seeks to raise awareness about veteran suicide, how to recognize signs of depression/PTSD, and steps to take on how to prevent it.

There will be vendors, a tag sale and booths with information on suicide awareness. The Vet Center Mobile Unit van will also be on site to see. Come join us! You can register for the race at:

                  or register the day of the event at Veterans Base Camp -

                        though cash or check only as we do not have a card reader!



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Who We Are

Veterans Base Camp is a grassroots 501(c) (3) charitable nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing resources needed by our Veterans, First Responders, Caregivers and those members of our community who are most vulnerable.​  Our team is a collaborative of: Veterans, First Responders, Caregivers, Social Workers, Clinicians, for profit and non-profit alliances, private citizens and government agencies working together to achieve our mission.

Brunch on Monday's @ Columbia Restaurant
On Monday, May 3'rd'  VBC had the honor of attending a Veteran's Brunch  at the Columbia Restaurant in Columbia (on Route 66) that was hosted by Veteran Gerry Wright to raise awareness about Agent Orange.  Every Monday veterans gather at 11:00 a.m. to share the latest
Agent Orange information updates, the progress on the Agent Orange memorial that will be built in Andover's Veterans Memorial Park, CT and what progress has been made on current state and federal legislation.  The wonderful food, service and camaraderie are an added bonus.
Gerry's mission to share the facts about the effects of exposure to Agent Orange is personal, as it has affected him, his family and so many  fellow veterans he has both served with and has met while traveling across the country to share this information with veterans, veterans groups, legislators, the DAV,  the V.A. and American Legions Posts. Research has shown it not only affects the veteran, but also their children, grandchildren  and down at least 5 generations. Come learn more.  To  DONATE: Donations can be dropped off at American Legion Post 95, 18 Main St. Hebron or mailed to Gerry Wright, American Legion Post 95, PO Box 95, Hebron CT 06248. Donations are tax deductible   For more information: