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 The following enhanced COVID 19 health screening and protection                                                                                      techniques  will be implemented for all social gatherings:



  •  Masks are mandatory when in attendance at a VBC indoor function.  Approved masks include double layer cloth masks, surgical masks, N95  and KN95 masks.  The one layer “gaiter” masks and bandanas have been found to be ineffective and are not approved for gatherings.  If a participant needs a different mask, VBC will provide one while supplies last.  

  • Hand Sanitizer will be offered for use at the door as participants enter and exit the facility.

  • Each participant shall be required to wear a facemask or cloth face covering that covers his or her mouth and nose while participating in the workshop or activity, except to the extent the participant is using break time to eat or drink or go outside. If social distancing guidelines are observed, masks do not need to be worn outdoors.

  • Social Distancing:  Participants are asked to maintain 6’ or more between themselves and other participants during the activity.

       Every participant will be screened using the following protocol:

  • Participants’ temperatures will be checked upon arrival at Veterans Base Camp by the designated staff on duty.

  • At the time of the screening, participants will be asked the following questions:

    • Have you felt like you had a fever in the past day?


    • Do you have a new or worsening cough today?

    • Have you been exposed to anyone who has tested positive to COVID 19 in the last two weeks?

    • Have you traveled outside the state of Connecticut in the last two weeks? Note: currently R.I. DE, are our closest neighbors who are on CT’s restricted list.

   If a participant has a temperature of greater than 100.4 F or answers yes to any of the screening questions,                 the following procedures should be followed:

  • The designated staff on duty will ask the participant to refrain from entering the facility and ask them to leave and consult their medical provider for further instruction.

  • If a participant has severe symptoms, e.g. a temperature over 102.8 F, difficulty breathing, confusion, or s/he states that s/he needs immediate medical attention, staff on duty should call 911 and ask for emergency medical assistance. 

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