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On the battlefield the military pledges to  leave no soldier behind. However,  not everyone who died in battle died during combat and  not everyone who came home left the battlefield.  For some, the toughest battle they fight is the one they fight every day to come back "home" .

At Veterans Base Camp, we seek to offer veterans the support they need to take the time to "R.E.S.E.T" when they find themselves  struggling with homelessness,  joblessness,  food insecurity, loneliness, or feeling like they no longer have a  "purpose" after they return home.  Veterans Base Camp is truly veterans (and amazing volunteers) helping veterans find their way "home."  At Veterans Base Camp we believe that every veteran (and human being) has strengths, gifts and a unique purpose...but sometimes, due to trauma and life's heavy burdens, those strengths, gifts, sense of purpose and the beauty of the unique human being that  they are, gets forgotten...lost.  VBC believes it is our privilege and honor to help share that burden, lift the load, remind our veterans who they are and to help  to find their way "home."   

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