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Our Philosophy
We Rise By Lifting Others

      Veterans Base Camp (VBC) is a Christian, non-denominational, faith-based organization that believes that human beings are made up of three parts:  body, soul and spirit.  We also believe that each of these three "parts" can be wounded.  All of us are aware of how our bodies can be physically injured, and how sometimes the wounds to our body can be catastrophic and life changing. 

Many veterans and first responders struggle with how to carry that burden.  They struggle with how to return to every day life, how to feel connected to family, friends, a society that has no idea of what they have seen, what they have done or who they have lost. Most of us have not experienced the brutality, the horror of humanity at its worst, but our warriors have.  They now struggle with how to function day-to-day, after living in "survival mode" where feelings and emotions are shut down so that the can think, act and react in order to serve, protect and survive.

     For those veterans/first responders who have belief/faith in God/a higher power, they often struggle with how to reconcile all they have experienced with their faith.  Many may wonder if there is a God after all they have seen and experienced.  Some may have questions that they are afraid to ask and don't know where to go to get answers.  VBC offers pastoral and clinical counseling to help our veterans, first responders and their loved ones to work through those questions and to find their way forward.  


 A Place Between here and There

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