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Angels In Combat Boots
With statistics showing that 70% of those who are in Connecticut prisons

are former foster children, it indicates there is something wrong with our system.  Foster children are aging out of care, and falling through the cracks.

 It is more important than ever for our community to reach out to children-at- risk and create a safety net for them, show them that they are not alone, that someone cares, someone "has their six".  For the majority of these teens/young adults, they never had a person like that in their life.  No safety net, no family, no one to be there for them.

Here, veteran Douglas 'Barton is teaching a student how to use a harness to trim

trees.  This young man wanted to start  his own landscaping business and couldn't find anyone to "teach him". Vets at VBC have shared woodworking, carpentry, house painting skills, volunteerism in the Vittles 4 Vets Pantry and more than that-they have shown they care...

For more information on how you can get involved in this effort, please contact

Cindy (860)786-7163, or

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