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We Rise by Lifting Others... 

Veterans Base Camp's Buddy Outreach Program

      The principle of leaving no one behind, no matter the cost, is deeply embedded in the code of the U.S. military.  We at VBC have seen that there are those who while not having been physically "left behind", upon return, might have been "forgotten" due to difficulties with transitioning back into their families, finding or keeping a job, fitting back into their communities;  or who had no families to return home to.   Some of our veterans have aged and are now alone in nursing homes or living isolated in their own homes. 

     VBC is to building a Buddy Outreach Program that seeks to find and support those who might not have made it all the way home, might be living alone, or feeling alone whether it be in their own home or in a nursing home.  If you have need of a "buddy", if you know of someone in need of a buddy, or if you want to volunteer to become a buddy, please contact Cindy at (860)786-7163 for more information or email her at

Outreach Director:  Mitch Sibley-Jett

Nursing Home Buddy Outreach Coordinator:  Bonnie Stratton

V4V Outreach Coordinator:  Kat Swenson

Benefits of having a "Buddy": Someone to connect to who really cares

                                                 Give you the chance to make a new friend and be a friend!

                                                 Buddies have connections to information that could help

                                                 Buddies have connections to resources that can help

                                                 Increases immune system functioning!

                                                 Somebody to check in to make sure you have what you need.

                                                 To share your knowledge and stories with!





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