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Veterans Base Camp's Wish List


   If you have any questions about the items below, please give Cindy a call at (860)786-       7163.  Thank you for your support!

     VBC's Big Wish List                                                           

     Riding Mower-zero turn - got it! 

     Commercial Stove/Oven 

     Commercial Refrigerator 

     Paved walkways between cabins

     Lights for paved walkways

     Finished paved driveway-for safety of elderly and disabled veteran patrons

     Assistance with Greenhouse construction   

     3 laptops for case management use for veterans



     Facility Needs

     Stain/preservative for newly replaced decks on main house and cabins

     Toilet paper                                                                                       

     Paper towels                                                                        

     Food storage containers                                                     


  Art Therapy                                                                                                                                       Michael's gift cards canvas, paints, brushes, crafts, pencils, charcoal, pads, clay etc.

                                      Wood carving kits for vets


 Toiletries -for Backpacks for Life - given out to homeless veterans                                                           or veterans in need who shop the food pantry





                   Sun screen


Gas Cards- to take veterans to   non-medical  appts, 


 Linens and Kitchen 

     Queen sheet sets

     Queen Size Comforters

     New Pillows

     Bath towels

     Wash cloths

     Food storage Containers

     Paper plates, cups

     Disposable coffee cups with lids








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