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 R.E.S.E.T for Vets

 Is an acronym for:  Regroup, Evaluate, Strategize, Engage and Track. R.E.S.E.T is a short-term diversion-housing program for Veterans returning  from deployment or who are going through a life transition where they find they need some time to reflect on where they are at, where they want to go and to get support to find a way to make it happen.  Veterans who take part in this program may participate in our “Heroes Connect” program or other volunteer opportunities VBC has available.

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  "Vittles 4 Vets" Food Pantry


 Veterans Base Camp , in partnership with the Connecticut Food Bank, has opened a Food Pantry to provide food to veterans, active duty service  men , women and their families.  Please bring your military identification  or DD214. Spouses or caretakers of military members,

bring verification  the first time you come. 


 Please note:  This is not a "hand-out."  This is giving our service men and women and their families what they  DESERVE!!! 


Veterans Acoustic Instrument Wellness Course

(Music Mending Minds and Hearts)

The Veterans Base Camp in Chaplin, Connecticut has a unique mindfulness program for veterans with PTSD or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) thanks to master luthier and veteran Jamie Boss Sr. and his apprentice veteran Janet Freniere.  Utilizing basic mindfulness strategies while actively engaging in the construction of an acoustic stringed instrument,  the veteran not only learns a new skill, they then have an instrument which they can use for their personal enjoyment, or for participating in  VBC's Veterans Cafe open mike nights (postponed during COVID),  The class is free for veterans with a diagnosis of PTSD or TBI.  

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For More Info on this Class


Veterans, First Responders and Community  members are invited to volunteer at Veterans Base Camp in our many programs:


Angel Boxes/Angel Quilts- there are veterans living in local nursing homes,  often without anyone to visit them.  VBC wants to reach out to these veterans to let them know they are not forgotten.  VBC has held several card drives and has put together shoe boxes (Thank you Leila Collin!) of greeting cards, stamps, addresses and the  contact info for area nursing homes, a script to explain the program to the facility's social worker or recreation director...and thanks to the Harwood family, who makes handmade scrappy quilts for our veterans, we can also give them beautiful lap quilts-each with a special message in the pocket.  

Vets-table Garden-our garden that supplies fresh produce for the veterans who live at VBC and to our  Vittles 4 Vets Food Pantry.


Share-a-Talent :  Sharing your skills with our resident veterans or youth that we work with through our relationships with area  programs.


 Animal Care:  Our mini goats and chickens

Groundskeeping:  Clearing trails, cutting firewood, lawnwork, gardening, groundswork etc.

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"Battle Buddy Program"
(Youth Sponsor)
 Upon completion of a background check, and 40+ hours of a hybrid on-line and in-person training, Battle Buddies/Youth Sponsors  will be matched with a youth/young adult (13 -24 years of age) to serve as that "one connection" that can make a difference in a child's life; be that one caring adult who is in it for the long haul and “who never gives up, and never leaves the child behind".  
For more information:  Contact Cindy Archibald, LMSW at (860)786-7163 or email
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