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VBC Food Pantry's

 COVID19​ Response Measures 

Effective March 24'th , 2020

To our Veterans , First Responders (effective 6/24/20) their family members and Volunteers:


       We  have  increased our safety protocols to follow the CDC and Connecticut Food                       Banks'  COVID19  guidelines to protect our  guests who visit the Pantry, our volunteers who work     tirelessly to run the  Pantry and those who live at the Base Camp.  When you arrive at the Camp to   pick up your order, please  remain in your car and one of our volunteers will meet you to give you   instructions. 


      Please be advised that we cannot accept boxes or bags for your food order, but will pack your     orders in boxes or bags that have been distributed by the Food Bank for that purpose.  Working   with all the new guidelines is a constantly evolving process, as is increasing our number of trips   per week to the Food Bank to have enough food to meet the present growing need.  Please be   patient with us as we adjust to the learning curve and adapt to serve you better and more safely.  

      At the current time, Food lists will be handed out when you arrive at the Food Pantry.  We are     sorry for the inconvenience, but  due to changes in the dates/times that we can pick food up in   Wallingford and Killingly, we do not have time to inventory the food we get and make the lists in   time for you to have it to send it to the Camp and package your food by the time you arrive.

      When you arrive, a Pantry Volunteer will meet you at your car with an order form;  Fill out the   form,  they will then  take the form in and pack up your order and bring it out to you.   Please   remain in your car, and they will either put it in your back seat or please pop your trunk while they   are filling your order.

       We value, appreciate and want to serve every person who comes to our Pantry, and want to   insure both your continued health and safety as well as the that of the veterans and their   children who stay at the Base Camp.  If you have any questions, please give us a call or drop us an   email: 


 Cindy Archibald, Executive director (860)786-7163,  or email:

 Russ Johndrow,  Assistant Director (860)786-7163  or email:

 We are all in this together!

 Thank you and God bless you all!

 The VBC Team



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